a tender message to young people

All I have to tell you, young people, is that if you guys want to drop everything, the time is now. Because later, you will grow old, you will need to take vitamins every day, otherwise, your skin will get shit, your hair will fall. You guys will have to work basically just to buy the vitamins that you will need forever thanks to the years of excesses, parties, drugs and love to which you have given yourselves.  Plus: your breast will fall and you will want to pay the lifting.

Not to mention that in a matter of time, you will want to do something important and leave your mark in the world. Sometime later you guys will look back and think: “I’ve come this far, how farther can I go?” And then you will want to go far and farther. And Jaysus, you can not let whatever you’ve achieved go, destroying castles to make another. Fuck! Drop everything now!


But then sometime later, you will love the person you have become. Even the wrinkles that you’ve created,  now softened, of course, by collagen with verisol that you are forced to buy. Jesus, it’s a lot of money spent on being old. But anyway: one of these days, the bands of your youth will release new album, and fuck! it will be good to listen to it, having some wine by yourself and such, and you’ll see that they have followed you, and they’re also taking all the vitamins and such. Well, that’s all what getting old is about. Drop everything now!

girl i just know i love you now

A couple who loves each other a lot breaks up. Normal. He lives his life. She lives hers. They never see each other again. The less I know the better. I don’t know what happened in his life. I’m terrified to know. You know what? it was not so bad. I made friends, fixed some broken things, I let others break. I came back home. I put the piece of Jenga that was missing. Jesus, I hate Jenga. That awful game. Then I helped Tito surviving, it was good: without me, he would have been 8 years in the shit. Glad you came to me, Tito, Now you’re going to be in the shit only 4 years. “But what would you do if you found him?” Ain, love, I don’t know, I’m unpredictable to myself. I always surprise myself. When I think I’m going to do something, I go there and show myself that I cannot trust me. I always betray my own trust. lol I’ve spent a lot of time with my cats, who would have said? Everything is just so good! I like the woman I’ve become. I really like the wrinkles I now have. It’s all right. I have new scars too. Jesus, you see. I looked like a boxing fighter with the bleeding eyebrow, the Frenchman I’d fucked 10 minutes before disappeared in the crowd. At the time I bought the ticket, I wanted it, now it doesn’t make any sense, and then, suddenly, I’m there across the sea.  I don’t know, I’m on the street, I turn on the wrong side to cross the street, because I’ve  forgotten that the right side there is left. And, without expecting, we meet each other and all the speakers of the town start to play this song?

God opens the doors of heaven, we get in like a boss, and now we hear the chorus, it’s good not to have resentment. All the bad blood has vanished. It rains. The music is gone. the end.

Brands, do you really know what we really want?

I have nothing against the way people make money, I  actually want them to live in abundance with lots of money. But, my friends, what the fuck has gone wrong that turned Brazil into a country of ~ digital influencers ~ . It seemed much more honest when people were simply paid to advertise. Now what you have is a new class of people who strongly believe that their opinions are important, and others who believe that those people are actually right, and then you have the so-called opinion that you do not even feel it’s honest because it actually leaks on its own way of communicating how fake it is, and that’s all about the money.  How can you even handle to give power to this dynamic? haha In my instagram, I just follow my friends and John Legend, ’cause you know,  John Legend: HE IS IMPORTANT.


EDIT: Humpf, I had to stop my hair brushing and come back here for a bit of a teaching, for I felt that Brazil wondered: “ok and how the correct modern marketing works?”. Well, my friends, let me  explain: if John Doe/Mary Doe digital influencer says he/she likes a brand, I DON’t WANT TO CONSUME THIS  BRAND ANYMORE, ’cause I’m not stupid, I’m aware already of this dynamic, and I really don’t like anything that feels fake to me. The brands need to stop underestimating the intelligence of their consumers.


Resultado de imagem para digital influencer

However, if Stella Artois says that for each chalice of beer that we buy, they will commit with 5 years drinking water in Africa, it really makes me want to buy all the chalices I can, to me and my friends, and also to strangers, even if we don’t even usually drink. Because to me, common citizen and mere mortal, it’s hard to go to Africa and set up any mechanism to make drinking water available. But that’s one true thing I really want to see happening.

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Brands, you guys really need to stop underestimating consumers. We are more conscious, we don’t want to imitate others, instead, we want a better world. Show us that you are capable of doing a better world to all every time we choose to consume what you offer. That’s all I ask.

Kisses of light

( No, Stella Artois didn’t pay me to write this, because, let’s be honest: who gives a damn about my opinion?)


midsummer’s day in a nursing home

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When I worked in a nursing home for nuns, I used to spend the cleaning hours picturing in my mind  me and the man I loved, both of us old in the old folks home, hanging out in the garden to take the early morning sun, totally amnesic of who the other was, then suddenly we would remember, then we would giggle on when we were young and that night in which he farted in my face, or the mornings that we would come back home from parties wasted and ugly. Then in a moment, we would forget again, then in a minute, again we would remember, then in the afternoon our grandchildren would come for a visit, and then after a while  playing with little Johnny, we would say to the other: “this boy is a little demon, isn’t he?  Let’s pretend we don’t  remember him?”.  And all of that seemed so beautiful in my head … ♡

The Diving Bell and The Butterfly (and also the algorithm)


I was watching yesterday a film about the true story of the editor of Elle Magazine ( Jean-Dominique Bauby ), who had a stroke, and when he woke up from his three-week coma, he could no longer move any part of his body or express himself, except for the left eye. He was fully aware but locked in the body. He could not even open his mouth to eat. And yet, even though he was totally paralyzed, by winking at the letter that people would speak, he wrote a book (dying two days after its release). It must have been a true hell to live like this.

And it makes me wonder:  1. how we take for granted our health, right? and how we hardly remember how lucky we are. 2. how we, having perfect health, being perfectly normal,  live as if we were immortal and could live forever, having all the time in the world, and we don’t manage to write any book.

And then finally it makes me think.: you see: the technique used to help Jean-Dominique to express himself (and write the book) is called partner-assisted scanning: basically, the nurse would speak the whole alphabet, and Jean-Dominique would blink whenever the letter he wanted had been reached.  Once the letter was chosen, the nurse would get back again to speak the entire alphabet again and again, and my God, it takes forever! I would love to be a Computer Science professor, so then I could use this example to show what NOT to do in creating algorithms: Linear Search. It would have been a lot easier and fast to split the letters of the alphabet into two cards, with perhaps three lines of letters on each, and ask, “Is the letter on this card?”; after the answer, we ask, “is the letter in this line?”; then we ask, “is the letter on this half?”, then easily we could detect which of the letters the patient wanted on that line. And this method, we call Merge Sort.

I could have been a great professor (or nurse). I am very multi-talented, multi-skilled and multifaceted, I am pretty much Thomas Jefferson.