Only in Ireland…


As I finished my cheap meal in Centra, an old man came to me talking about my bag, on which its printed “Do what you love”. He takes off from his jacket some lyrics that he has worked on: it’s a version he’s made for Hallelujah of Leonard Cohen, from which he’s removed all the romantic stuff and replaced it with poetic words of motivation about finding your purpose and do what you love.


As crazy as it can be, the words were not bad at all. He knew poetry, he knew Yeats, and it was so beautiful that I tried to memorize the maximum I could, for he didn’t let me take a picture for copyright reasons.

I ended up forgetting most of it. But something stayed tattooed in my mind:

“You were the dancer, the dancing and the dance
It should have always been a story, a life tale””

As I always say, to me, Dublin is the city of magic. And there are fairies all around.

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