Painting with your menstruation blood

Many of my friends know that one day, long time ago, while sober, I had a vision, of what may have been the 4th. Secret of Fatima? But as we live in different times and nobody believes that I am a shepherdess, at the time, that vision only served to make my ex believe I was schizophrenic and start the process of unloving me? Afff

But there’s no problem. In that vision, our lady of Fatima first came, then a shapeshifter woman who kept changing shapes with a lion, or a feline, I don’t know. Then I saw that monument of the four American presidents on the Mount Rushmore, but I could see only 1 face and it was Thomas Jefferson.  Then there was a word, but I could only see 3 letters: E, S, N.

I have told this story to my friends many times. But that’s not what I want to talk about now.  Months after that vision, I found myself in a very dark time of my life, when I decided to paint a painting, in a random style. When I finished, I had a lot of dark energy in the painting, and I could also see several faces of sad kittens or whatever, unprotected cats. It was such a heavy energy that when I took the picture of that painting, my cell phone broke AT THE EXACT TIME! The photo was on the screen and was erasing everything from the screen slowly. I SWEAR!

But now, years later and at a great moment of my life, I found it could be cool to make my first painting with menstruation blood. For our period blood is something sacred, and it’s good, sometimes, to give ourselves the time to tap into our feminine energy in a  deep way, and get in touch with this beautiful moment of the month that reminds us of our own nature and the seasons of a woman’s life and feminine parts.


And totally random again, I painted. When it was done, I came to see which side I preferred, and that was it. I’m not sure  if it’s just me, or if you also see on the top right, on the whites, there’s a lion, and shapes of faces, and that stem to the upper right that goes ad-infinitum as if it’s coming from outside into the canvas, or as if it was going from the canvas to the outside space. I see lots of lion feats.

To me, it’s simply a message from the universe. What message could it be? I don’t know yet. But you know… the message in plastic arts communicates at the subconscious level. I just know that I think my painting is beautiful and I will protect it.