Be the friend you didn’t have

They say there is no past, present and future. It’s all just one thing, that goes all together on quantum levels and such. They also say we are all connected, they say we are one.

So I thought about the people that we see today going through the same shit that we once experienced and had no one on our side to say how to do it or at least give a shoulder and make it easier… Ever wondered if when we decide to be for this person the friend that we didn’t  have, we are actually finding ourselves in a quantum slit and then giving ourselves the friend we didn’t have when we needed?

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There was a moment in my life when I was absolutely alone in the world going through some very heavy stuff and it was too much for one person to handle, I found myself totally alone and isolated. I ended up surviving, of course, because that’s what we do.

Months later, there was another moment in my life when I was totally broken but this time, two angels came into my life carrying me along with their sweet instant friendship. And that made all difference.

So now when I see someone going through the same troubles I’ve been through, I try to be for him/her the friend I couldn’t find when I was the person in trouble alone.  Like, “You’re not going to go through this alone. Not in my shift. ” And I think that this is really it? It seems like suddenly I, somewhere in time, find the friend I did not have when I needed most years ago, and all of a sudden, I get all the other good things and open doors that come along when someone is with us in a moment of pain. Try it. It’s very good.

What we give to others is what we give to ourselves.

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You are not so important, and that’s great

I came here to tell you, young people, that, until you get into the end of your 20s, you guys will want to be V.I.P. You will want to rock the party, you will want to be the best, the greatest. And strangely, you will live with an unconscious emotional weight on your shoulders, which you have no idea where it comes from. sometimes it’s a rage that pops up out of the blue, sometimes a resentment, an invisible barrier between you and some people of your life. and karmically, you will attract to your life lots of people who act with you the same way you act with those other people.

when you get in your 30s, you will understand what the hell this feeling is, and it will be shocking to find out that it’s the feeling of all grudges from the past, each little situation that hurt you guys while you were growing up. You will set the light into the darkness, you will make the pain conscious, you will face it and try to heal. up to half of your 30s, Jesus, you will almost have a master’s degree in new age videos on youtube. there will be a lot of practices, a lot of meditation and bang! Carl Jung, and bang! teal swan.

in your mid-30s when you guys have already learned forgiveness, you will unexpectedly bump with the best feeling of all: humility. humility is a very lovely thing that makes you look around and think, “Who am I so that the others don’t make mistakes with me?  who am I so that my mother doesn’t make mistakes? who am I so that people always consider my feelings? who am I not to be dumped? who am I not to be fired? “, and that will be liberating. In the middle of the night, you will send messages to your mother, some unsaid piece of text that got missed at the age of 7: “I love you, Mommy”. You guys will no longer want to be a VIP member of life, you will be very happy in being just another tiny drop in the ocean. and suddenly those people you’ve attracted that acted with you as you acted with others before getting rid of resentment, suddenly they also look into themselves and ask themselves: “Who am I so that he/she (you) doesn’t make any mistake with me? “. the universe is very beautiful. everyone applauds. closing credits go up. the end.