When relationships turn into The Emperor’s New Clothes

Hi friends!  In today’s program, I’ll talk about something that I see my friends doing a lot. I won’t judge them, for who am I to judge,  if I was like this until yesterday:

I just want to remind you that we spend a lot of time and a lot of life energy projecting into love relationships and into another person our own energy, vitality, sense of existence and passion. And then when they are not around for 5 minutes, we see that we’ve actually built up an empty life for ourselves with no passion: because that’s what the human being does: we find another human being to entertain and distract ourselves and we enter into the mental and emotional loops of the other so we don’t have to deal with the complexity of our own being. And then we get depressed, thinking that we are in an abusive relationship and (and sometimes we are). But most of the times, we ourselves are the ones who abuse our own being: getting out from a relationship to enter into another as we change clothes not to see who we really are when we get naked. In the end, we have been naked all the time, like in The Emperor’s New Clothes.


So we set that relationship as the most important thing in life, and maybe the only thing in life. Then we don’t try to find out what we like, what career to follow, what gives us pleasure, we don’t make an effort to keep a friendship circle etc. We think we’re safe from the world. And then when that relationship ends, we look around, and we see ourselves in a shit job,  no friends, we don’t do and have never done anything that gives us pleasure, we haven’t progressed at all. We have done nothing for ourselves.

Remember: It’s very good to have someone, but even better to have yourself.

kisses of light

Get Back Blackout!

There is one thing that modern life has taken away from us and I really miss: Blackouts! It’s a pity that you young people will not have more opportunity to see how cool it was when there was lack of electric light: the candles, the images that we projected on the wall with the candlelight. The long waiting for the return of the light, which then progressed to simply enjoying each other’s company. The fear of going into the kitchen alone and finding a lost soul wandering or staring at you. Little Johnny would pick up the guitar to sing. Jaysus, how Little Johnny played terribly. Then we talked about some problem to solve, and all of us would concentrate, without being distracted. The older ones in the farm told stories. The children easily had fun because the good thing about being a kid is having fun with anything.


I had plans, one day, when I have children, to make a deal with someone to sporadically, without warning, to turn off my circuit breaker, without anyone knowing, of course, because the good thing about lacking light is that you do not know when it is going to go and when it is going to get back. In my head, we would happily love each other a lot.