This is Led Zeppelin

What a beautiful band is Led Zeppelin, right? A long time ago, in my early twenties,  I had a cover band of Led Zeppelin, and I was Robert Plant, and I used lights on my hair and wore it curly, but I wouldn’t take off the shirt, for breasts reasons. Ah but our band was good. But ah, I had too much stage fright. How to be a cover band of led zeppelin having stage fright? And I took no drugs at the time, could not even get high. It was so good and so crap at the same time …

Just remembering that Led Zeppelin is a wonderful band and we only really learn to appreciate them deeply when we begin to have an interest in mythology, and middle age, and knights, and ladies, and Lord of the rings and game of thrones. Because if you are not interested in it, Led Zeppelin is just an awesome band with some awesome men. But when you know that Robert Plant is practically a faun who came from medieval age to write lyrics about alchemy and journeys on how to become a better man and kill dragons, and immigrate, and leave your land with the gods to conquer others, and Wait 10 years to find a lost love, and the seasons to which love goes through  … there you understand what Led Zeppelin came to add. Lol

I love you led zeppelin 

Sadness is a luxury of youth

One good (or bad?) thing about getting old is: you do not have more time to be sad. When we are young, we have such luxury, right? Getting depressed, downers, bad, low and such. We get some wine, take it to the cemetery, and listen to Joy Division. Adults don’t! When we grow up, it stops. We have a world of things to solve. There is no time to be sad, and we also don’t want.

If I wanted to be sad these days, I’d be listening to Pulp.  Do you see me listening to Pulp? No, you don’t!

So for you, young people, I came here to give the best advice I’ve ever had (Hello Maceira!): If you’re going to be sad, enjoy! Suffer! Be as sad as you can, for you never know if this is your last chance, and you will never be sad again.

Kisses of light